Walk-in Tub Buying Guide

We strive to provide the most extensive reviews and we need to note that not all walk in tub companies, suppliers, and dealers are listed below. We are constantly updating the site so check back in regularly – we look forward to helping you make the best, truly informed decision on your new walk in bathtub.


We rate walk-in tub companies based on the following factors:

  • Overall quality of the walk-in tub/price
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Step-in height, comfort and safety features
  • Length and coverage of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Incorporation of a reputable and knowledgeable network of dealers and installers
  • Number of models and customization ability
  • Geographical location of manufacturing (USA made walk-in tubs are consistently higher quality at this time)
  • Acrylic or fiberglass (we recommend fiberglass over acrylic walk-in tubs)
  • Installation quality as well as quickness and ease of repairs
  • Customer care both before and most importantly after the purchase

American Tubs 5stars

American Tubs is a walk-in tub manufacturer based in Southern California, best known for being highest in quality and specialized features. Their attention to safety and superiority sets this brand apart from the competition. Not only are their tubs made of the highest quality reinforced fiberglass with a stainless steel frame, they are coated with special material that allows for easy cleaning and a high-gloss look that makes any bathroom feel luxurious and modern. Each detail put into the design ensures that you are getting a safe and comfortable tub that allows for the user to relax amongst it jet-system and air bubbles that are placed in just the right locations to hit those pressure points and not cause excess water waste (added features). The key item that really puts American tubs in the top of their class is their patented HurryDrain© Fast Drain and overflow kit that is guaranteed to drain the tub in 110 seconds. Unlike other drains that claim they use a “faster” drain, American Tubs ADA approved HurryDrain© uses a gravity-fed process and fits nearly all residential plumbing, so no extra power source or construction is necessary when installing. All American tubs are made in the USA.

Phone: (800) 577-8475

Website: http://www.AmericanTubs.com/


Jacuzzi tubs are one of the longest running businesses selling whirlpool bathtubs here in the US. The owner, Roy Jacuzzi, is known as being the first person to add air jets to bathtubs creating a luxury item for homeowners. Although the brand has a place in American history and will always get viewed as a leader in innovation and design for walk-in tubs, the lack of attention to details where safety is concerned takes this product from a five down to a four. On their site they do a great job of selling the idea of the walk-in tub as a luxurious high-end product that every American home needs. Many people on the market today need a walk-in tub for the safety and therapeutic benefits. The tubs are well made and reflect the years of time and energy they have spent on perfecting their brand and their products.

Phone: (800) 288-4002

Website: http://www.jacuzzi.com/

americanstandard 3stars

American Standard is a company based in Piscataway, NJ that tends to be sold in a big box at places like Lowes and Home Depot as well as online.  The customer service and one-on-one support can get missed by purchasing such a valuable item through an outside vendor that may know little to nothing about how to install or use the tub. Another downside to this is that the cost of installation rises significantly with the customer service piece getting missed entirely. American Standard Tubs are manufactured in China but they tend to imply that they are American made. This type of false advertisement hurts the brand and lowers consumers’ faith in a product like walk-in tubs. The American consumer has not rated American Standard positively. Many negative reviews of the quality and customer service along with warranty policies drives down the rating of this tub significantly. Misleading measurements and craftsmanship of the design is seriously below the standard ratings for most other walk-in tub manufacturers.

Phone: (800) 442-1902

Website: http://www.AmericanStandard-us.com

safesteptub 2stars

Much like many other walk-in tub manufacturers Safe Step has reputably sold tubs that are made to increase the quality of life for seniors and those with lack of mobility. They do use aircraft grade aluminum framing, one-on-one consultations, and professional installation. All this information is heavily stated on their website. The issue lies with the actual facts. Many unsatisfied customers have complained that the “professional installers” are independent contractors that free the company from certain liabilities and they are not afraid to use that against their consumers. Another negative fact is that their expert consultants tend to offer misleading information about the need to upgrade to a much larger water heaters and the actual size of the tubs. Besides the misleading sales pitch the main complaints are in the design of the tub, which seems to cause users to slip often when entering/exiting the tub while the jets will spray water unless you completely fill the tub to the fill line. The heater, that seems to be the one feature that sets them apart, has even been an issue. If the user forgets to turn it off they are susceptible to some major burns while waiting for the tub to drain. Not a very dependable situation for the elderly and disabled.

Phone: (866) 599-6947

Website: http://www.SafeStepTub.com/

premiercarebathing 2stars

Premiere Care offers the latest features available in walk-in tubs with the highest grade of material and quality. The designs are ergonomic and take into account the restrictions that the elderly and disabled face while bathing. Premiere Care has a wide selection of tubs to fit a varied range of consumer needs. Although considered a well-made tub, Premiere Care is known for its’ harsh sales practices and hidden clauses that drastically reduce the reliability of this company. The complaints by consumers range from misguided measurements of the tub, wrong size water heated needed for their huge selection, and their shoddy return policy after they have a dissatisfied customer.

Phone: (800) 934-7416
Website: http://www.PremierCareBathing.com

The information above is only a brief summary of the collected data we have on these companies. We have a large database of information on all the listed companies, as well as many not featured above. If you would like more information on these or any other non-reviewed walk-in tub companies please contact us.




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